HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance for your HVAC unit is essential to ensure the longevity of your unit. Most AC units will last somewhere between 10 – 15 years. In the same way, you would service your vehicle with regular oil changes and other maintenance that requires a mechanic, you need to also see to it that your AC unit is serviced by a professional routinely throughout the year.

When dealing with preventative maintenance, there are things that you as a homeowner can keep an eye on yourself. One would be ensuring that your Filter is being changed out regularly and that you are aware of how to do this properly.

The drain line is also something that a homeowner can monitor to ensure that it is clear and free of anything that could be potentially blocking it from draining properly.

The outdoor unit needs to be cleared of any debris that could interfere with the proper functioning of the unit such as leaves, grass, etc.

But even by attending to these basic functioning needs there are far more other areas of the unit that only a professional should address. There are many areas of a unit that are not easily accessible and that could be dangerous for a homeowner to address without having the expertise knowledge that is required. Here at Vinson, we recommend having your unit routinely inspected by a professional twice a year. We offer a service agreement for preventative maintenance that includes two yearly inspections including:

  • Up to one hour of labor
  • Lubrication of bearings
  • Check for oil & refrigerant leaks
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check blower belt wear, tension, and alignment
  • Adjust system for optimum cooling & heating
  • Clean the evaporator & condenser as necessary.

This agreement will also offer you Priority Service if an emergency service is required, NEVER an overtime charge for emergencies and 10% discount on all parts and labor for unscheduled service calls.

We care about our customers and feel that the service they receive should be of the highest standard. Our technicians are certified, and are of the upmost integrity. We offer a service that you can depend on for all your AC maintenance, AC repairs, and the purchase and installation of a new unit if needed.